Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ATH-LDN at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, April 25

ATH-LDN at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club April 25th

Hellenic Sonic Airlines promises a most turbulent flight at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club this Wednesday April 25th, with DIY ethic at work by The Callas, a possible case study of fender breaking techniques by My Wet Calvin & piano-punk time travel experiences by Mary & The Boy.
teamStrut will be setting the vibe for the evening with their Let's Dance! Fight! Party! DJ set while ms Fancy Chance will be the hostess for the soiree, offering a spicy addition to the Grecian setting.
Don't miss the screening of the The Approaching of the Hour, a documentary by Graziella Kanellou, offering a glimpse of what was, has been & has led to what is now in the English-speaking pop/rock Greek music scene.

8.30 doors
9.00 The Approaching of the Hour
10.15 My Wet Calvin
11.00 The Callas
11.40 Mary & the Boy

£9 at the door
£8 pre-sale by emailing info@ath-ldn.com

The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club
44-46 Pollard Row, E2 6NB

ATH-LDN at E:vent Gallery, April 16-29

ATH-LDN at E:vent Gallery

Sound Installation
April 16 - April 29, E:vent Gallery

Coti & D. Charitos - Statistical Harp & Other Machines

Statistical Garp & Other Machines is a sound installation by Coti K & Dimitris Charitos. It presents a statistical system that transforms data obtained by the sequencing of a literary text into sound, through carefully positioned speaker nodes distributed around the gallery. The resulting soundscape is constantly modified by the presence of audience members in the space. This installation has already been presented at the State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki and Cheap Art Gallery in Athens.

Free entrance 12-6pm
E:vent Gallery, 96 Teesdale Street, London E2


Hellenic Sonic Airlines welcomes you on board ATH-LDN, a sonic voyage showcasing some of the most innovative musicians, sound artists, producers, performers & DJs working in Greece today.

ATH-LDN presents a wide panorama of contemporary audio production emerging from Greece across various platforms & venues in London: an aural journey through sound installations, experimental live art performances, independent record label showcases, art-rock performances & actions, audio-visual experiences and radio sessions. An eclectic mix of established & emergent art practitioners who focus on the creative use of both digital & analogue sound, multi-media & other current technologies, while finding inventive ways to perform, communicate and distribute their work.

We will be traveling with the speed of sound. Please ensure that you have read the safety instructions found inside this document and that you have fastened your headphones before take-off.
Thank you for choosing Hellenic Sonic Airlines. Enjoy the flight.

For quick Check-In, please visit:

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lily Fraser at 93 Feet East

Presented by Curious Generation and including acts by The Checks, Elmore Judd and Little Death, March 07

Pirates at Shunt, St. Patrick celebrations

Cafe Live by All Dig Down

The Fontanas live with dj support by Adrian & Hugo (E.T.A), presented by All Dig Down at the Westbourne Studios

Fashion Reborn - Auto Italia South-East Gallery

The Midnight Blue Collective hosting an open, interactive exhibition looking at the concept of recycling in the fashion world.
Trends in fashion come and go, with popular looks from previous decades making sometimes surprising comebacks (think leg warmers) – but some designers take the notion of recycling more literally, re-using materials to make new, must-have clothes and accessories.
This exhibition was held in an abandoned car show room, in a sense recycled itself having been taken over by art students and turned into a gallery – looks at the ways in which different designers have taken materials from a variety of sources to create new items, from shoes (Worn Again Trainers) to fanciful re-interpretations of history (The Rubbish Fairy).
Curated by Sophie Parry

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Aganovich, The Dream of Beef, October 2006

Aganovich Spring-Summer 2007 - The Dream of Beef at Vauxhall Fashion Scout
‘The Dream of Beef’ by Nana Aganovich is a story about a young girl’s violently elaborate physical and psychological response to her developing sexuality. Clothing as both protector and seducer has the leading role in this story, divided into three parts ‘Neurotic’, ‘Psychotic’ and ‘Super-psychotic’.


Palmeras Kanibales, London 2006

Two nights of live performances showcasing one of the best up-and-
coming crossover bands from Venezuela. Wear your dancing shoes!
Renounce the mundane! Be ready to get swinging in a night fusing ska,
rocksteady, reggae, funk and afro latinamerican grooves. An explosive
dancing experience!

* Sunday October 8th, 8pm, Favela Chic, 91-93 Great Eastern Street EC2
With support from DJ Nova [Costa Urbana] and DJ Gringo Da Parada [Favela Chic]
* Monday October 9th, 8pm, Darbucka Gallery, 182 St John Street, EC1V
With support from DJ Muezzin [Costa Urbana] & Jamie Renton [Chilli Fried]

Pampero Heritage

Pampero is one of the oldest spirits produced in Venezuela, and multi-cultural South American communities today still delight in its individuality and distinction.
1493: Thanks to Christopher Columbus introducing sugar cane, plantations are soon established on the Carribean Islands and in South America. Adapting techniques used in Europe, colonists evolve a new spitir distilled from molasses (a syrup derived from sugar cane). They call it "rumbullion", later shortened to "rum".
1938: Alejandro Hernandez, the son of a Venezuelan fisherman on the paradise island of Margarita, establishes a rum & wine business - giving birth to Pampero. Hernandez travelled extensively tp learn about spirit production, and set about upgrading the quality of rum by applying innonative techniques he learnt abroad.
By 1951, Pampero becomes the most popular selling rum in Venezuela, a proud position it has been maintaining ever since.
1953: Pampero "Especial" is the first golden rum to be designated "anejo" (aged golden rum). The approval from the government came with the Northern Seal, awarded only to products of the highest quality.
2007: Pampero comes to London